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Hungarian country music and artists

In Hungary country music is much less popular than in the USA, yet we have a few excellent country artists. In our opinion István Köteles is today's greatest Hungarian country performer. He is also one of the members of a band, Dupla KáVé which plays rollicking music. He has amazing original songs and other very good ones that were inspired by American country hits.

100 Folk Celsius is a brilliant group which has been active since 1976. They play country music and they also have many albums for children.

Viktória Eszményi is a famous Hungarian singer and the wife of Gábor Heilig who was a former member of 100 Folk Celsius.

Bojtorján is another popular country band, they started playing music in 1977 and they still have performances nowadays.

Viktória Vincze was a beautiful and very good singer, we also have some hits from her.

Fonográf was a fine country group in the 1970s and 80s.

You can find more information about the best Hungarian country artists and hits on our Capri Country Facebook and Google+ pages, and on our Capri Country YouTube channel.

We are also planning to make interviews and share concert dates.

Here are some nice covers from Hungarian performers:






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