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Capri Country - Your daily dose of country music

Dear Readers; Country Artists, New Talents and Country Fans,

We started creating our Capri Country website, Facebook, Google+ pages and YouTube channel on September 30, 2014 with the purpose of making country music and artists more popular worldwide. We also would like to support new talents in getting broader audience and becoming more famous.

We will bring you American modern and classic country content, covers, karaoke and special, rare country music materials. We will also show you Hungarian artists and hits.

We intend to make interviews, write short articles about big country stars as well as new talents.

We also would like to inform you about major country events and share some concert dates with you.

I hope you will find our website and social media pages both entertaining and useful.

Best regards,

Norbert Páli
Founder of Capri Country



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