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Our current favorite country tune: Kenny Chesney - Get Along




Welcome to the main page of Capri Country!

On our website you can read the history of country music and learn about some of the classic and modern country artists. Along the American singers, musicians and groups, we will also introduce the most popular Hungarian representatives of the genre to you.

On our Capri Country Facebook page you can listen to great new country hits every day! We have modern country music from more than 170 contemporary artists! We show you the best classic country songs and covers on Thursdays. We will also introduce a couple of amazing new talents. In addition we have some country karaoke as well.

If you follow our Facebook page, you will also get the answer to such interesting questions as: Who was the most awarded female singer in Grammy's history?, Who had the most Billboard No. 1 country hits?, Who was the biggest winner of the 2016 ACM awards?, How did line dance become a worldwide phenomenon?, Who was the Gentle Giant of country music?, Which country song appeared in the film Runaway Bride?.


A superb country song: Dierks Bentley - Living




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